Your Africa

The Nature Reserve

Imagine taking a trip to a place where the vegetation is both florid and spontaneous.

Try to evoke in your mind the magical atmosphere created by Karen Blixen in her African adventures.

At Ca’ Bevilacqua you can explore a beautiful nature reserve, surrounded by pink flamingoes, marabou storks, antelopes, zebras, cranes, snowy owls and parrots.

During the evening, especially in the fresh summer evenings, you can relax with a good book and read by candlelight, wrapped in a dream, with the background noises of the animals at night.

The nature reserve, built up over three decades thanks to the dedication and passion of the owner, is home to animals which have only been born and raised in our reserve or in other European wildlife parks.

Where nature surprises you

The Garden

The exotic surroundings of our nature reserve is not the only open-air feature of Ca’ Bevilacqua.

Our garden which borders the guest house, offers you the perfect place to enjoy an early morning open-air breakfast in the sunshine, or an afternoon break in the cool shade while listening to the natural running water in the small garden lake. All making for an ideal way in which to enjoy a relaxing and well-deserved rest.

This picturesque spot in the countryside of Emilia Romagna, where greenery florishes and nature abounds, the passion of the hosts in offering you unparalleled hospitality, means that you will not be disappointed.

It’s a place created for reading, playing, relaxing in the sunshine and for finally switching off from the frenetic pace of everyday life.

It’s a place for getting together and for chatting, both for short breaks or for business meetings with the added option of professional catering services.

Experiment the sublime pleasure, positive and to the full, in which man meets nature in the same environment.

It’s a perfect mix of beauty, functionality and joy of nature.

A small slice of personal freedom.